Congress materials 2023


Welcoming remarks

  • Álvaro Barrera – President, Ecovalia
  • Andrés Lorite Lorite – First Vice-President & Delegate for Infrastructures, Sustainability and Agriculture, Province Government of Córdoba
  • Jan Plagge – President, IFOAM Organics Europe / President, Bioland 
  • Vicente Pérez García de Prado – Regional Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development, Andalusia Region
  • Message from Luis Planas Puchades – Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Spain 

Opportunities and challenges for a sustainable agri-food system 

  • Álvaro Barrera Fernández – President, Ecovalia 
  • Benoit Biteau – Member of the European Parliament, Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance 
  • Francisco Martínez Arroyo – Advisory member of the Office of the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 
  • Jan Plagge – President, IFOAM Organics Europe / President, Bioland 
  • Joanna Stawowy – Member of Cabinet, European Commissioner for Agriculture, European Commission 

Moderator: Eduardo Cuoco – Director, IFOAM Organics Europe 

Organic market challenges: Best practices & assuring fairness in the supply chain  

Moderator: Silvia Schmidt – Policy Manager, IFOAM Organics Europe

Ensuring generational renewal in the organic companies 

Moderator: Laura SauquesPolicy Coordinator on Sustainable Food Systems and the CAP, IFOAM Organics Europe 

Examples of innovative policies in the agri-food chain 

Moderator: José Costoya – Institutional Coordinator, INTERECO 

Promoting organic farming under the EU and national promotional schemes 

  • Bruno De OliveriaHead of sector for Promotion policy and CAP, Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development European Commission 
  • Diego Granado Cumbres – General Secretary, ECOVALIA 
  • Purificación González Camacho – Deputy Director General, Promotion of Spanish Foods
  • Krystyna Radkowska – CEO, Polish Chamber of Organic Food 

Moderator: Joanna Wierzbicka – Deputy Director/Strategic Initiatives Manager, IFOAM Organics Europe


Keynote: 25% organic farmland by 2030 – How can we achieve it? 


1.1 Trends in international organic markets beyond EU

Moderator: Juan Manuel Sánchez – CEO, Servicio de Certificación CAAE

1.2 Research and innovation (R&I) opportunities and needs in organic production 

Moderator: Concepción FabeiroPresident, Spanish Society of Organic Farming (SEAE)


2.1 Multiple challenges in organic certification – is it time for a conceptual change?

Moderator: Michel Reynaud Board Member, IFOAM Organics Europe / Vice-President, Ecocert

2.2 Carbon farming – What’s in it for organic?

Moderator: Hanna Winkler – Policy Officer on Climate Change and Biodiversity, IFOAM Organics Europe

Sustainable breeding in organic farming

Moderator: Eric Gall – Deputy Director & Policy Manager, IFOAM Organics Europe

Organic on every table – school meals, hotels, restaurants and catering  

  • Laure Verdeau – Director, Agence Bio 
  • Line Rise Nielsen – Food Policy Director, Changing Food 
  • Samuel Moreno- Chef, Molino de Alcuneza  
  • Yolanda García – Chef, Restaurant Espacio Gastrociencia de la Posada del Candil 

Moderator: Purificación González Camacho – Deputy Director General, Promotion of Spanish Foods

Session-related event announcement

*Panel session sponsored by Alimentos De España

Closing remarks

  • Álvaro Barrera – President, Ecovalia 
  • Jan Plagge – President, IFOAM Organics Europe / President, Bioland