2014 European Organic Congress

Bari, Italy

Implementing Innovative Ecological Solutions for Farmers and Rural Communities

More than 150 people attended the 8th European Organic Congress in Bari. The congress focused on implementing innovative ecological solutions for farmers and rural communities and the participants shared their views on the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI), rural development and the organic regulation review.


The participants came to the conclusion that  the approval of new rural development programmes by the European Commission must ensure national and regional authorities demonstrate their commitment to make the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) a sustainable success. Prerequisites for the sustainability of the CAP include comprehensive support for organic farming and agro-ecological approaches in all new programmes to 2020 as it is already the case within the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI).


Organic farming is prioritised in the EIP-AGRI. Organic farmers are innovative by nature. They have always developed new practices on their farm and in a multi-disciplinary approach. Organic and other agro-ecological food and farming systems are at the cutting-edge of sustainable production and consumption.


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8EOC_Poppe – Innovation and organic farming

8EOC_Macmillan – Approaches to mainstreaming agro-ecological innovation

8EOC_Calabrese – Innovation and agro-ecology

8EOC_Micheloni – Local opportunities for innovation in agro-ecology and organic farming under the European Innovation Partnership



Key note: 8EOC_Zanoli – Organic market and trade: what current figures don’t say


Parallel thematic sessions I

1. Implementation of the agricultural European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI) in the Member States

8EOC_Duponcel – Implementation of the EIP-AGRI in the Member States

8EOC_Saggau – Implementation of the EIP-AGRI in Germany

8EOC_Colombo – Co-research as a (pre)condition for the EIP implementation

2. Rural development: opportunities for organic farming and agro-ecological approaches

8EOC_Artjoki – Finnish Organic Action Plan

8EOC_Vincentini – Opportunities for organic and agro-ecological farming in Italian Rural Development programmes

8EOC_Moinet – Prospects for organic farming and rural development in France

3. Organic regulation review

8EOC_Mocciaro – Position of Italian government

8EOC_Plagge – Position of IFOAM EU


Parallel thematic sessions II

1. Implementation of the EIP-AGRI: examples of innovation groups for organic farming

8EOC_Basile – Promoting social innovation and territorial approaches – the bio-district concept

8EOC_Fontaine – Innovation in organic arable cropping

8EOC_Lachen – Fostering innovation in organic agriculture through a trasnational, multi-stakeholder approach

2. Rural development: opportunities for organic farming and agro-ecological approaches – practical examples

8EOC_Carlander – Ecological recycling agriculture

8EOC_Becheva – Agro-ecological approaches for Rural Development in Central and Eastern Europe

8EOC_Lorusso – The leader approach to support organic farming

3. Innovation to address the bigger challenges in organic production

8EOC_Wilbois – Innovation for organic seed breeding and production

8EOC_Askegaard – EcoProtein, local and organic feed production in Denmark

8EOC_Schmitt – Towards copper-free organic systems

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Congress final programme


Congress proceedings



SANA – international exhibition of organic and natural products in Bologna – is one of the marketplaces and platforms in Italy for sharing ideas about the main topics of the field.

The 2014 show hosted a few presentations on the Italian market and consumer’s behaviours, among others the 2 surveys  commissioned by Cosmetica Italia on natural cosmetics and herbalist produce consumption. Moreover the SANA Observatory 2014 survey, carried out by Nomisma for BolognaFiere and illustrated during the conference “All the Figures of Organic Made‐in Italy” on Saturday 6 September, shows a growth for the third year running in the penetration in Italy of organic‐brand foods. The percentage of consumers purchasing at least one organic product over the last twelve months rose

in 2014 to 59% of all consumers, a net 4.5% increase compared to the 54.5% of 2013, and a 5.8%  increase on the 2012 figure of 53.2%. Of those who declared they had purchased at least one organic brand product, 37% said they consumed organic products at least once a week, while some 22% declaring they did so every day.


For more info please see the press release (linkato a http://www.sana.it/media/sana/press_release/2014/eng/20140910_SANA2014_chiusura_ING.pdf)

Visit the website http://www.sana.it/en/home-page/1229.html


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