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About Aboca

Aboca was founded 40 years ago in Tuscany, with the aim of restoring the central role played by natural substances in human health and well-being, within a strongly research-oriented context using the criteria of Evidence-Based Medicine. The company’s mission is to re-read the body’s pathophysiological mechanisms and search for 100% natural cures for the human body. Its expertise lies in researching, developing, producing, and marketing medical devices and food supplements based on natural molecular complexes. Aboca fully controls its vertically integrated manufacturing chain, from organic farming (over 1700 hectares) to research, production and distribution. Aboca covers all the main self-medication health needs, with a particular focus on areas involving the metabolism and the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems thanks to 100% natural products. Aboca is a Benefit Corporation since 2018, balancing the interests of the business with the interests of the community to achieve the Common Good. Organic farming and biodiversity protection are included among our common benefit objectives.

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About Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Nouvelle-Aquitaine is the largest region in France. It is a rich, diversified and attractive territory and the regional council bears important responsibilities in the daily lives of its citizens.

It works through four major axes:

  • the economy and employment (support for innovation, agriculture, digital technology, industry, employment, tourism),
  • youth (policies in favour of apprenticeship, training of young people, secondary school, school transport),
  • regional planning (territorial policy, transport, support for health, sport and culture),
  • energy and ecological transition (preservation of biodiversity, renewable energies, zero waste).
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About Agence de l'eau

The Adour-Garonne Water Agency is one of the six public establishments of the State whose mission is to fight against pollution and to protect water and aquatic environments since the law on water of 1964. In the Adour-Garonne basin, the Agency promotes balanced and economical management of water resources and aquatic environments. It also allocates financial aid to contracting authorities and water stakeholders (local authorities, businesses, farmers, associations, individuals) to help them equip themselves with depollution works, the creation of water resources, water or encourage them to save water.

The Adour-Garonne Water Agency has 6 areas of intervention, to contribute to achieving the good status of all water in the basin and to seek a balance between available resources and water needs:

  • improve water quality (priority to drinking water supply),
  • reduce the impact of human activities on aquatic environments,
  • ensure the natural functions of aquatic environments,
  • placing water at the heart of regional planning,
  • master the quantitative management of rivers, especially in summer
  • sustainably manage groundwater.

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About Bordeaux Métropole

Bordeaux Métropole brings together 28 municipalities and carries out its action on a territory of 57,828 hectares, with 815,000 inhabitants.

Bordeaux Métropole is involved in the daily lives of inhabitants: transport, housing, town planning, economic development and employment, nature conservation, water, sanitation, waste, access to digital technology, support for cultural and sporting activities, metropolitan and municipal facilities (schools, stadiums, etc.). So many actions that place the quality and access to metropolitan public services at the top of the priorities for the territory.

To bring all these skills into line with a structured project at the service of all, Bordeaux Métropole is driving strategic and cross-cutting orientations for all the public policies put in place to meet its ambitions: to be a local, united and ecological Metropolis.

About Gironde

The Department of Gironde, a local authority of 6,500 agents, operates in a territory of nearly 1,505,517 inhabitants. The actions of the Departmental Council involve the daily life of all Girondins: social assistance (elderly and disabled people, childhood and family, integration, right to health), but also education and youth, roads, transport, culture, the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service, to which are added proactive policies such as the economy and community life.

About Green Organics

Green Organics’ team of experts brings growers and customers together. They make contact, agree on good prices and ensure that everything is sown, harvested, delivered and processed on time. Simply put: they take care of the entire chain, from ground to mouth.

Green Organics only works with organic vegetables, potatoes and fruit. Every year they are responsible for growing, processing and selling 50 million kilos. They help farmers grow what is in demand so that all the harvest is sold and eaten. They do this because we want to take good care of the earth and feed people with healthy food. And because the farmer and the buyer earn fair prices. With a growing world population, the demand for healthy food will continue to rise.
To ensure that there is enough food for everyone, we need to include more vegetable protein sources in our diet.
Green Organics is one of the frontrunners in the protein transition. They grow and sell soy, among other things.

For more information, visit the Green Organics Website.


About Rapunzel

Rapunzel is one of the leading organic food producers in Europe. It all started very small: In 1974, Joseph Wilhelm and Jennifer Vermeulen started a self-sufficiency commune on a farm with a small natural health food store in the city of Augsburg in Bavaria. From these humble beginnings, an international company with more than 400 employees developed during the last 45 years. The idea behind it all remained the same throughout this time: to manufacture certified organic, natural and untreated, vegetarian foods. The company’s motto, “Organics with love”, is not just an advertising slogan, but represents Rapunzel’s leading principle: that there is more to the production of healthy, environmentally and socially-sound foods than controlled organic cultivation. Foods that are healthy and holistic in an ethereal sense can only be cultivated, produced and processed by healthy, happy people.

For more information, visit Rapunzel’s website.

About Agence Bio

Agence de la Bio was created in November 2001, the French Agency for the Development and Promotion of Organic Agriculture is the national platform for information and actions that is part of a dynamic of development, promotion and structuring of agriculture. French organic.

The organic agency has very varied and structuring missions for organic farming:

  • communicate and inform the general public and professionals about organic farming and its products, its environmental, social and territorial impact,
  • develop and deepen the national observatory of organic farming,
  • facilitate consultation between partners and contribute to the structuring of sectors thanks to the Fund, the development of markets and inter-professional dynamics,
  • manage notifications from producers and other certified operators,
  • manage the AB brand for communication purposes.

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About La Maison de la bio

United in the service of demanding and open organic farming

La Maison de la Bio is an associative movement represented by six founding members whose mission is to inspire and build a demanding and open organic agriculture so that the company participates concretely in ecological, economic and social change.

Its creation is a continuation of Natexbio, the federation of organic processors and distributors. It brings together Cosmébio, Forébio, Synabio, Synadiet and Synadis bio, thus representing more than 10,000 companies.

La Maison de la Bio wants to be dynamic and open to other structures in all areas of organic, food, cosmetics, health products and other sectors that value the organic approach. Its will is clear: to unite the collective forces of the sector, to pool some of their skills and some of their means to defend and promote a more demanding Organic.

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About Naturland

Naturland is one of the major international associations for organic agriculture worldwide. Along with 100,000 farmers, beekeepers, fish farmers and fishers in 60 countries throughout the world, they are living proof that organic, social and fair economic activity can only thrive in international co-operation. More than any other organic associations Naturland strives to reconcile the interests of local producers with those of international operations in a globalised world.

They have been around since 1982, but at Naturland they have always been open to rethinking organic concepts and producing impressive organic innovations. They were the first to convert a tea garden to organic agriculture. They transferred the organic principle to the production of fish and seafood in aquaculture. They also safeguard our natural woodlands by applying rigorous organic management principles. And They were the first association ever to combine organic and fair trade under one label. They continually strive to hone their strict and explicit Naturland standards.

For more information, visit Naturland’s website.

About Suolo e Salute

Suolo e Salute is the first Inspection and Certification Body in Italy for organic certification: certifies more than 21.000 operators (farmers and processors) i.e 26% of the Italian organic operators, about 650.000 hectares, i.e. 30% of the Italian organic cultivated areas.

It has its origin as an association, (Associazione Suolo e Salute), which was established in 1969 in Turin and was a pioneer in the promotion of organic agriculture. Authorised by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry since 1992 for inspections and certification in organic farming and production (Reg. EU 848/2018).

It was founding member of FederBio (Federazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica e Biodinamica), member of EOCC (European Organic Certifiers Council), IFOAM EU supporter and member and also is a founding member of ASS.O.CERT.BIO (Association of Italian Organic Certifiers). Suolo e Salute has been cooperating with Italian and foreign universities and research institutions for aspects that concern organic agriculture.

Among the services offered, besides organic, we remember Organic Products (Reg. EU 848/2018), Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), Traditional Specialities Guaranteed (TSG), GlobalG.A.P. Standard and GRASP, Naturland, Krav, Traceability in Food Chains (UNI EN ISO 22005), Integrated Farming (UNI 11233 – SQNPI), Management of Green Areas no food, BioVegan Attitude and Vegan Attitude, Natural and Organic Cosmetics (Bio Cosmetics), Voluntary Labelling for beef and poultry meat, Private Procedural Guidelines for the evaluation of agricultural and food production, Private Procedural Guidelines for the technical inputs for agriculture, ISO 14001*, ISO 9001* and ISO 22000*, BRC* and IFS*, Halal* and Kosher*, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)* *in collaboration with authorized/accredited partners.

For more information, visit Suolo e Salute’s website.


About the city of Bordeaux

Bordeaux is known throughout the world for its vineyards, its gastronomy and its art of living. But, with its rich history, it is also recognized for its historical heritage and will surprise you with its modernity and contemporary architectural works.

This city of 250,0000 inhabitants, administered by an ecological municipality since 2020, has placed the ambition of a successful ecological transition in Bordeaux at the heart of its project. The objective is to make Bordeaux a city “that breathes and inspires, reinvents itself every day thanks to its inhabitants. A life-size city, united, generous and creative. A project to move from large cities engaged in a competition of image and attractiveness, to the detriment of peripheral territories and the inhabitants themselves, who can no longer find housing and must settle ever further from their place of work.

The municipal action plan to achieve this objective is built around 4 axes:

  • Adapting the city to environmental challenges
  • Promoting emancipation throughout life`
  • Meeting democratic aspirations
  • Building the city together

About Ecocert

Ecocert is a French company created in 1991 acting as a certification body and using its name as a certification mark, in particular for organic farming. Acting for a sustainable world

Ecocert provides solutions to promote the good environmental and societal practices of companies, in all sectors, all over the world.

For nearly 30 years, Ecocert has supported many players in the deployment and promotion of sustainable practices through certification, advice and training. Committed since its creation to organic farming, Ecocert is now established in 27 countries through international subsidiaries and operates in various business sectors: agriculture and agri-food, cosmetics, textiles, environment, fair trade.

The company stands for productions that respect living ecosystems, better management of natural resources (water, air, soil fertility) and energy, socially responsible sectors, better product quality and safety. Essential elements to meet current economic, social and environmental challenges in order to build the world of tomorrow.

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About Maison Meneau

Maison Meneau was founded in 1879, in the port of Bordeaux, where it originally blended sugar from the islands and fruits from the Aquitaine region in the tradition of the pleasure of taste. Today, this family business is run by Vincent and Philippe Lassalle Saint-Jean, heirs to those traditional recipes. Maison Meneau perpetuates this know-how with ingredients from around the world. Responsibility, authenticity and quality are the fundamental values ​​they have applied by turning to organic farming. Sharing, the principle of precaution and innovation are the commitments of Maison Meneau in its approach to sustainable development. Pleasure of taste and well-being of consumers: in search of the perfect balance.

Syrups, fruit juices, smoothies, cooking aids, Maison Meneau markets a wide range of products, with sought-after flavors, which meet quality requirements. Always with a view to constantly developing new recipes and new consumption patterns.

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