2019 European Organic Congress

Bucharest, Romania

Innovation and technology: How organic improves, inspires & delivers

The Congress aim was to fuel the discussion on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and how the latter can contribute to healthy farms, a healthy food sector, and a healthy society. The audience engaged in an analysis of the possible synergies between the EU, its Member States, regions and cities, with reference to the development of a new organic action plan.

Furthermore, we looked at the impact of emerging technologies, such as Internet of Things and Big Data, and at innovative solutions on the efficiency and evolution of the organic sector, by providing concrete examples and expertise of representatives from the agri-food sector.



Plenary: A new European organic action plan: Synergies between the EU, Member State, regional and city levels


Drafting the secondary legislation in an evolving global context



Interactive session: Emerging Technologies – what’s in it for organics? (Bring your smartphone with you)

  • Rogier Schulte – Farming Systems Ecology, Wageningen University & Research
  • Arni Janssen – Farm Technology, Wageningen University & Research

When the best of technology meets the best of ecology, a little bit of magic happens!


Intro to parallel sessions: Technology – friend or foe? Insights from the experts


Success story: How organic is transforming food and farming