2015 European Organic Congress

Riga, Latvia

Designing Our Future

Where does the organic movement want to be in 2030? What can we deliver to the society?  And most importantly, how will we do so?


This year’s European Organic Congress is dedicated to looking to the future and giving ourselves the means to make it possible, both in the short and long term. First, we will explore how the new organic regulation process and the CAP introduced in 2014 can be used to support the development of organic. Then, the results of the vision 2030 process in which so many of you participated will be shared. We clearly share the common goal of improving that vital system which touches all of us: food and farming. Together we will begin to build practical strategies that we will need to achieve the shared goals.


Congress programme:



Workshop III: The role of organic farming in global food and nutrition security:

Urs Niggli – Director, FiBL

Niels Gøtke – Head of the Division, DASTI / FACCE JPI

Hans-Jörg Lutzeyer – Research Programme Officer, Sustainable Agriculture, Scientific Support to CAP, Trade Int. Agreements, Cross Compliance, DG for Research and Innovation, European Commission


Presentations of workshops results:

Workshop I: Marian Blom – Project Manager, Bionext

Workshop II: Merit Mikk – Board Member, Estonian Organic Farming Foundation

Workshop III: Lise Andreasen – International Coordinator, ICROFS

Congress participants list: